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Snell Isle Beautification Project Underway

June 27, 2016 | Rebecca Malowany

refurbished planter with flowers on snell isleThe Snell Isle Property Owners Association (SIPOA) is spearheading an extensive beautification project throughout Snell Isle. This endeavor consists of giving facelifts to 41 planters and 120 animal statues throughout Snell Isle.  Dozens of resident volunteers have donated their time and talents to the project.  Additionally, SIPOA is asking for donations to pay for this massive undertaking.  They are hoping to reach their fundraising goal of $5,000.

Phase one is now complete. This consisted of repairing, washing, sealing, painting and planting all 41 planters throughout Snell Isle. The new and beautiful plantings include marigolds, vincas, blue daze, zinnias, dwarf lantana, firecracker plants and foxtail ferns (to name a few). Several residents have volunteered to look after the planters and keep them watered for all to enjoy.

Phase two begins in the fall. It will consist of repairing, washing, sealing and painting all 120 panther, lion and griffin statues that adorn the community.   So far, 19 residents have volunteered to take on the task and some have started early.  The animal statuary also will get a helping hand from Boy Scout Troop 219 that meets at St. Raphael’s Church.

SIPOA wishes to thank and recognize the dozens of tireless and generous volunteers who are making this community-wide effort a huge success.

Volunteers for planter revitalization: Pat and Rob Moler, Barbara Heck, Kathy and Lance Chambers*, Anne Leavine*, Matt Volunteers for Snell Isle BeautificationWeidner*, Julie Mastry, Todd Wing, Rob Bowen, Kevin and Lisa Goettel*, the Spytek family, Rachael Murphy*, the Fredericks Family, Erin and Scott Youngblood*, David and Whitney Anderson, Rebecca and Frank Malowany*, Bonnie Hargrett*, and the ‘Snell Isle Angel.’  Names marked with an asterisk have volunteered for both phases.

Volunteers for animal statuary revitalization: Dr. George Stovall, Robin Roberts, the Webster family, Dr. Scott Rubin, Melissa Massey, Art Rios, Ginny Sexton, Patricia Calvert, Karen Goforth, Bill Miles, Karin Fidrych, Ted Robinson, Fred Whaley, Sheila Ann LeFors, Aloyse Larson, Judy Jourdan, Glenn Goldberg, Jean Ann Reid, Nancy Ebel, Marielle Westerman, Christy Everton, John Cappa, Brian O’Neill and Boy Scout Troop 219.

snell Isle panther statueVolunteers for watering planters: Joann Barger, Julia Brooks, Martine Fernandez, Luis Wagner, Alexander Wagner, Mitzie Fisher, John Hamilton, the Harrington family, Drs. Paula and Don Pell, Rita Peters, Lee and Kendall Phillips and the Spytek family.

SIPOA is thankful to everyone who has sent in donations for the beautification project.   More donations are needed to continue the work!  To make a donation, please send your check to: SIPOA, P.O. Box 7052, St. Petersburg, FL, 33734.

There still are 51 animal statues in need of adoption and revitalization! If you would like to volunteer, please contact Bonnie Hargrett at bonniehargrett@gmail.com.  SIPOA needs you!

SIPOA is holding a volunteer appreciation party and neighborhood meet and mingle at Harvey’s 4th Street Grill, on August 23rd, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.  Refreshments and appetizers will be provided by SIPOA and there will be a cash bar.

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