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Waterfront Real Estate? How About A Bahamian Island

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When you really need a unique swath of waterfront real estate, don’t mind a bit of travel to enjoy your free time, and have the financial assets to back it, why not consider an island? Well, now you can get a taste of the true island life with Little Pipe Cay, the 38 acre Bahamian island developed by the late billionaire Michael Dingman.


The island features five mansions, each with their own beaches, and as a recent Forbes article noted, “Housing for staff, storage, and utilities such as generators are discreetly hidden away on one end of the island.” Prestigious, waterfront real estate like this doesn’t come available every day. And if you really do have an interest in the island, be prepared to drop a cool $85 million to try the lifestyle!


Neighboring islands, or cays, are owned by the likes of Johnny Depp, other billionaires and entrepreneurs, and of course, an island of wild pigs! As Forbes writer Kathleen Howley said it best about swimming with the local, wild pigs, “Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it, or at least watched it on YouTube.” I’ll leave that one up for debate.


All in all, if you can handle the price tag, this Cay sounds like quite the vacation spot. Check here for the entire Forbes article. For great advice and assistance with other waterfront real estate, especially in the Tampa Bay FL area, contact the Malowany Group today.


Photo courtesy of City of St Pete via Flickr

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