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Healthy real estate market raises home prices, safely!

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Today’s real estate market is incredible, not only are prices still creeping higher, but the restrictions on lending and bad practices have actually created a stable mortgage scenario.  As was recently reported by Cicely Wedgeworth in her article, any inclination to view this trend as a boom or that a bust is coming is unrealistic.  The truth behind the increasing sales numbers and bidding wars is actually based on stable and safe real estate market facts.


Not only are home inventories lower in preferred areas like St. Petersburg and Tampa, but the scores of the newer home buyers is increasing.  With more qualified shoppers, partially due to low unemployment, and growing family sizes in the younger generation, this trend is very likely to continue.  It is one of the best times possible to list your home or land with a strong and experienced team like the Malowany Group.  Contact our team today to set up a quick appointment to find out how we can make your home listing or buying experience a success!


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